Interesting Facts About Rwanda Beyond the Genocide

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Interesting facts about Rwanda beyond the genocide: Rwanda is one of the smallest states in Africa, a rich destination with distinct cultures & traditions. It is comprised of ethnic divisions consisting of the Twa, Tutsi and Hutu, each of these ethnic groups has unique cultures or traditions for tourists to explore or experience.

Rwanda is compact by size, and the bordering states include Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and D.R. Congo. Beyond the genocide, Rwanda is an ultimate destination with pristine Lakes, majestic mountains, scenic vegetation. The genocide took place in 1994 between Tutsi and Hutu, a terrific civil war leaving close to a million lives dead and a 1000s homeless. Beyond the genocide, here are some of the interesting facts about Rwanda;

  • Rwanda is one the cleanest country in the world

Rwanda is not only the safest destination but also the cleanest nation, thanks to its long time ban on the plastic bags usage. Besides the ban on plastic bags and other packaging material, Rwanda also implements community cleaning also referred to as Umuganda. This is translated as coming together in common purpose, a move that was launch in 1998. The initiative also intends to rehabilitate forests and wetlands to building schools & hospitals. It is mandatory for all persons between 18 and 35 years.

  • Rwanda is the leading coffee growing country

Coffee growing in Rwanda has kept improving for years. Most of the country’s coffee grows in the montane areas and it is favored by its altitude and conducive weather & climatic conditions. On Rwanda safari, a coffee plantation tour or community visit presents visitors a chance to explore how the coffee is grown, and even get a taste of it.

  • Equal gender representation in politics was pioneered in Rwanda

Unlike most countries in the world, in Rwanda, more than 60 percent of the parliamentary seats consist of women. Rwanda becomes the first state to record the highest concentration of women in power. It also put equal rights at the forefront, and from 2018, Rwanda has been listed as the leading nation in promoting gender equality.

  • Car free days

In efforts to promote and ensuring sustainable transportation, Rwanda implements monthly car free days in its lush Kigali city. This takes place every first and third Sunday of the month. During the car free days, busy streets in the Kigali city get freed allowing only runners, skaters and bikers.

  • Rwanda is referred to as the Land of a Thousand Hills

Yes, Rwanda is truly the land of a thousand hills – and one can affirm it on a visit and he or she is warmly welcomed by undulating hills or volcanic mountains. Rwanda’s landscape lies at an altitude of about 1500 meters.

  • Home to mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas don’t live anywhere else except only in 3 countries: Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. All year round, tourists go on Rwanda gorilla safaris to the Volcanoes National Park to meet the great apes in the wild. There are 12 habituated gorilla families that are open for tourism. A permit to cost US$1500 per person.

  • Religion plays a significant part in Rwandan culture & most of the country’s citizens have a composition of Christians.
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