7 Tips to Finding a Good Rwanda Car Rental Company

car for safari in Rwanda

Hiring a car is one thing any traveler on Rwanda safari should put into consideration. It is what makes your safari complete but the car rental company you choose to deal with also matters a lot. Whereas others opt to borrowing from friend or family or embarking on public means, they are not the best options if you are interested in flexible road trip that is why dealing with a reliable car rental agency is best way to go. However, there are hundreds of car hire companies or agencies in and around major towns in Rwanda and how choose one does matter a lot. To guide well when choosing the best agency to for Rwanda car hire, the following factors should be put into consideration.

The rates for car rental

When choosing a car hire company to deal with, take note of the rates of car rental. Each car hire agency in Rwanda has its set prices for car hire which you need to be aware of before you make your last choice. To be on safer side, we advise our clients to spare sometime and research on different car rental companies to get to know about their rates. This is one way that you can make comparison such that you find the best car rental agency with pocket friendly rates and the best offers. Also do not be mistaken that the high rates reflect better services at times it is not the case and again do not be moved by cheap things as they may cost on your wallet.


When you Google, different car rental companies/tour companies have reviews written about them by other visitors who also dealt with them company you wish to deal with in Rwanda. You can check on trip advisor and you find out what others have said about the company. You can also cross check the profile to ascertain if it is really a registered company before you consider dealing with it.


Different Car Hire Company may or may not quote fuel rates and even when they do, you will realize that others quote a high or low rate. Meanwhile others rent a car out with fuel and you are expected to bring it with same quantity of fuel and bridge of agreement may mean a cost on your wallet. Before you make your decision, make sure that you know fuel policy of a particular Car Rental Company you hope to deal with.

Road assistance

When choosing for Car Hire Company or agency to deal with, make sure that you inquire more on breakdown-if there is any provision for rescue of car and if you will be required to pay addition amount or not. However, most car hire agencies off a 24hour road assistance although you do not need to assume that it happens to all.

Additional costs

Did you know that there are hidden costs/charges that some car rental companies do not tell clients online but when booking they disclose to you? Do not be taken by surprise with a new charge presented to you at the end of day/actual day of hiring a car. Ask and find out what your quotation includes or excludes.


Different car hire companies have their own set insurance policy or terms and conditions. Because of this, you need not to assume that this applies to all or they all provide comprehensive or third party insurance. To be on safer side, you have to inquire more about this. Usually, insurance policy covers the car rental only while others include the visitor’s life and property. On the other hand, other agencies may require you to purchase your own or for the car too.

Mileage provided

Each Car Hire Company has its mileage provision. Some offer unlimited while others limited. You are required to inquire more about what mileage the company you hope to deal with offers to avoid incurring unexpected charges.

In summary, when choosing Car Hire Company in Rwanda to deal with, you need to take note of several things to guide you most of which include the ones listed above.

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