This 13 episode series profiles several of South Africa’s threatened species and meets the people who are working hard to conserve them. The UK’s favourite wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan journeys around the country to track down some incredibly rare animals, ranging from the very elusive riverine rabbit to the rowdy but vulnerable western leopard toad in the Cape’s pocketed wetland areas.

Each episode takes you on a new journey across this incredibly diverse country:

  1. Endangered, an Introduction
  2. The Fine Bush (Fynbos) of the Cape
  3. Renosterveld: The Harrier & The Tortoise
  4. The Overberg
  5. The Succulent Karoo
  6. The Great Karoo
  7. The Succulent Thicket
  8. Life in the Forest
  9. Grasslands & Wetlands
  10. The Highveld
  11. The Savannah
  12. The Bushveld
  13. Birds of the Benguela
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