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Cameroon Gorillas

When you come to big dirty den of thieves who are in an environment with one hundred percent humidity. You could, if you think you could handle the tropical adventure which is the city of Cameroon. There is a Dutch run mission here, and you could think of taking shelter here.  When you actually set out to explore, you should make sure you have your personal belongings secure as there might be a very good chance of you returning back without them.

Once you get here, head to the main street. The street is nicely lined with concrete blocks and many people walking about at most times. The people have provocative personas; they wear good suits, even carried handbags. A lot of them spoke French. They have common gestures like hand waving, kissing on cheeks and going back o their houses in fancy cars. These are some of the Cameroon facts and Cameroon info.

You might feel a bit under dressed, so it would be good to take some along. When you dive down a side street, you would be headed for the place when the tarmac stops and muddy roads begin. In a short while, you could be walking in random lines of wood and corrugated iron.  Here you will find, women brewing tea and getting huge platefuls of what would seem like baked beans n rice.

This is also, the standard breakfast in Cameroon.  You will see haughty African grey parrots win cages made with wire, probably looking at you with dreaded eyes.

You can buy brochettes or suya. This is the street food. The sticks that you get cost you about ten P and these are usually quite delicious. Although when the chef gets too liberal, he adds lot more pepper and powdered chili too, and you might find it a fun and crazy version of spicy. These are some of the  Cameroon facts and Cameroon info.

The tour later continues and you get back into the mud right to the depths of Doula. And about twenty four hours of wandering around. And then you could have a nice long chat too. Drink your deer and have loads of fin.  The streets are quite sticky and the streets usually head toward the inland. The best way to travel is by bus.

It would be a good idea to hop on one of those bush taxis on the way to foumban. The best centre that has a Muslim population, this place essentially is in lines of worshipping a Sultan. The Sultan of this place lives in a nice Brick palace that looks somewhat like a French château. These are some of the facts and info, Cameroon.

The sultan has a weekly appearance. Especially, when he walks from the mosque right down to the palace, through a fish market.  And when this walk happens there are drummers drumming and there are men who follow in robes and brass trumpets that are long. You also get someone twirling around a large umbrella right above your head.

Cameroon used to be colonized by the Germans. The British and the French didn’t come around until the beginning of the world war. These are some of the facts and info, Cameroon.

Later on this place became a part of Nigeria and then the French took the rest of it.

This turned out to be a division of random territory which had a profound effect. There could be no such sign that showed what kind of effect the place could have had.

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