Meet Bayo: The Nigerian Patriach

Wale Ojo plays the hilarious father figure and head of the family in our new weekly show Meet the Adebanjos. Always looking for a...

Keeping Up With The Joneses

We are very excited to bring you the first ever sitcom from Barbados broadcast on UK Television. This great sitcom series stars the Joneses, a...

Kenya Film Commission Makes Callout for Kalasha Awards 2019 Entries

Kenya Film Commission has made a callout for entries for the Kalasha Awards 2019. The Kalasha Awards is an annual accolade presented by Kenya Film...

Africa Untold: Return To Somalia

Two stories of rediscovery for three young people personally invested in Somalia’s recovery from 21 years of civil war. In these two documentaries, we...

African Movie Academy Awards 2019 nominees Announced

The African Movie Academy Awards 2019 nominees were announced on September 18, 2019. The Africa Movie Academy Awards, popularly known as AMAA and The AMA...

Phone Swap

Rather than taking the route of ‘is-this-film-Nollywood-or-not’, I’ll take a minute to consider ‘Phone Swap’ on its own merits. The context of Nollywood can...

Zulu Love Letter

Language and Memory How can we talk about apartheid? South African writers, artists and filmmakers grappling with this question have produced some incredibly engaging and thought-provoking...

Meet the Adebanjos

Nigerians in Peckham Saturdays at 9am Meet the Adebanjos is a hilarious sitcom about the clash of generations and culture as Bayo, the Dad and lovely...

“Subira” is Kenya’s entry to the 2020 US Academy Awards

Ravneet Chadha’s Subira is Kenya’s entry to the US Academy Awards 2020 in the Best Foreign Language Film category Award. Kenya started being an interested...

NBO Film Festival 2019 movies delight Nairobians

Several films were screened at the NBO Film Festival 2019 at the Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road on the weekend of June 8 – 9,...
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