Meet the Chimpanzees in the Wild of Africa

Chimpanzees are among the great apes that live in the tropical rain forests of Africa like Sudan, Tanzania Senegal and Angola in the West....

Best Places to Go on a Safari in Africa

Where we can spend our vacation? A big question must come in to your mind, when you get the vacation. So I have a...

Why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa

Wondering why Uganda is the Pearl of Africa? Here is a piece of information on Uganda that will get you in the know as...

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda in 2020

Rwanda is relatively a new comer among the countries to visit for a safari holiday in Africa! Located in the heart of Africa, Rwanda...

Deposit Your Fatigue and Relax at Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

There comes a time in life when you concede that actually, fatigue seems to be taking over. You start going to bed and getting...

5 Essential Things to Have When Renting a Car in Uganda

Are you planning to travel to Uganda on budget? One of the best way is to opt for a self drive expedition. the expedition...

5 Amazing Forests to Explore in Uganda

Statistically Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is rich in so many other ways! There are several unique and...

Change Your Life: Go on African Safari with National Geographic

If you want an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime – that compares to no other had by friends or family – you...

Best 10 Attractions to See in Uganda

Uganda hosts a number of tourist attractions offering wide range of things for tourists to see and this make it on one of the...

The Thrill of Traveling Spontaneously

There are times when you wake up and just want to pack your bags and make your way to places unknown. You feel like everything...
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