African Artists Produce Song “War Against Covid-19”

As the number of confirmed Coronavirus COVID -19 cases in Africa increase daily, African artists have released a song to promote sensitization against this...

Addis to Oslo: Ethiopian Airlines Discounts Route

Ethiopian Airlines recently announced that they are opening up a new flight path, direct from Addis to Oslo. An official press release in November...

Kalasha Awards 2019 winners announced in Nairobi

The winners of the Kalasha Awards 2019, the biggest TV and film awards in Kenya, were announced in Nairobi on November 30, 2019. The Kalasha...

Uganda Film Festival Awards 2019 winners Announced

The winners of the Uganda Film Festival Awards 2019 were announced at a glitzy ceremony in Kampala on November 29, 2019. The Uganda Film Festival...

Orphaned Virunga Gorillas Pose for Selfie with Rangers

A viral image of orphaned gorillas standing tall and posing for a selfie with the rangers has caught attention of the world. Reported in...

Rare Black Leopard Spotted in Laikipia for First time

A black panther has been spotted in Laikipia County in Kenya. A group of researchers at San Diego Zoo Global and Loisaba Conservancy have...

Adventures Unlimited Offers Exclusive Gorilla Safaris in Africa

A gorilla safari trek is one of the most memorable wildlife encounters given the fact the mountain gorillas are among the most endangered species...

2017 Great Wildebeest Migration is On!

The Greatest Wildlife Show on earth is here with us. The Migration of wildebeest and zebras have now entered the Mara. Every indication shows...

Kenya Launches Standard Gauge Railway

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday launched the passenger train service of the 480-km Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Kenyatta said the railway marks a...

Ethiopian’s Latest A350 Delivery Arrives with Humanitarian Aid on Board

Ethiopian Airlines, the German NGO Humedica, Aviation without Borders and the Airbus Foundation have joined forces to transport of nine tonnes of humanitarian aid...
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