Air Travel in Africa Never for Only the Rich

Air Travel in East Africa

The new marketing strategy for African Airlines confirms that air travel isn’t meant for only the rich but for everyone. Initially Africa travel used to be too expensive especially to distant destinations but today Africa Airlines have expanded in many African countries operating in many domestic and international routes hence making air travel more affordable.

The change in the travel trend has also given way to low cost airlines serving regional and continent routes though it hasn’t been easy.For those planning for safari holidays to any destination within Africa here is a chance to enjoy the cost friendly air fares across the continent as well as discovering the beauty of different attractions. Do you hate long drives and you prefer short connections? Africa Airlines have solved it for you by operating in domestic routes including those which go direct to particular national parks & other attractions.

Chatter services make it easier because they carry less passengers and one can even use it privately. Also the open skies agreement that was signed in 1988 just like Europe which cleared barns on easy jet continues to ensure that Africa airlines operate freely within the continent. Each day the number of potential travelers grows due to low cost fares the reason for African Airlines to adapt to the new marketing strategy   of targeting the locals and business traders as they create awareness to the public that still perceive Air travel to be for only the rich.

Research shows that out of the one billion people in Africa, only 10% travel by air a clear evidence for all Africa airlines to improve and design affordable fares for everyone .Thanks goes to all Africa airlines that have made travel easy for every one by offering affordable airfares not only within Africa but also outside the continent in their operating routes. Experts believe that if Africa’s aviation industry is to grow, airlines should tap into local merchants in their pursuit for regional trade and travel. “Informal traders are the most underappreciated travelers on the continent yet they represent about 40 per cent of sub-Saharan Africa’s economy,” said IyaboO.Sosina, the secretary general of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC). “That is the market for intra-Africa travel where we should focus our attention.”Sosinasaid all the above during the   5th Aviation Stakeholders Convention held at Kigali Serena Hotel from 7th -9th May 2016.

Still at the conference,  one  of the  Nigerian experts  believes Africa Air travel as the most successful, and the funniest if new marketing strategies can be implemented. He Said that informal traders consider air transport exclusive and expensive which isn’t true according to her .She gave an example of some ignorant Nigerian informal traders who commute by bus from Lagos to Abuja and pay the same price they would have paid for a return air ticket. Therefore, if such people are inspired to use Africa airlines, the process will increase Africa air travel at  a fast rate than expected.

As proven that joint effort is better than one, conference attended stakeholders urged African governments to work hand in hand with the travel industry through tax reduction, landing and navigation charges and also get rid of nonphysical barriers such as visa requirements which limit many people to use air transport. Surely the above factors have for long hindered the growth of the Aviation industry instead of enabling it. However, all African governments should look at the aviation industry as an enabler of economic growth rather than an exclusive high cost trend among its people. 2016 Aviation conference  hosted by RwandAir  created unity among different airlines, civil aviation authorities, air traffic navigation service providers, international government organizations and suppliers as well as governments.

Under the theme “Winning Together through Innovation and Collaboration” we look forward to seeing increased numbers of Africa air travel passengers both for business and tourism. I believe a visit to any African country for business can’t end at that because of what they always have to offer. Therefore,even the 5th Aviation Stakeholders Convention attendants that visited Rwanda never left the country without heading out for any Rwanda holiday to any National park or attraction.Don’t fail to visit multiple Africa destinations due time limit and hard connectivity because the airlines are ready to serve.

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