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Episode 1

Noma is forced to question her relationship with Humphrey when he delivers an unexpected – and inopportune–proposal. Nox and Brian rekindle their relationship, while Amira’s relationship with Dumi falters. Fortunately, Amira can distract herself with her burgeoning superstardom. Danny’s steadily improving health has given her a new lease on life – and she’s determined to enjoy life to the fullest. Her newfound enthusiasm for life prompts an unforgettable night out for all four women – a night where they can forget their troubles, and re-establish their friendships.

Episode 2
Nox tries to impress the new board of her foundation but none of them seem to take her seriously, and to make matters worse, Brian takes sides with the board. Later, Nox rejects Brian when he tries to buy her affections. Noma is getting out of control with her home renovation demands, putting a strain on Humphrey, who wants to be included in the decision making. Danny, still reeling from her TB scare, is determined to tick everything off her bucket list and that includes taking the girls to a strip club. Amira is sinking in credit card debt and has to find a new place to stay when she realizes she has overstayed her welcome at Dumi’s house.

Episode 3
If you miss an episode, catch the repeat on Friday at 9.30pm.

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