13 Most Successful African Actresses In Hollywood


Michelle Van Der Water

The actress was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Australia, in a small town an hour’s drive from Sydney. There, Michelle went to high school at Inaburra High School in Sutherland County, after which she graduated from the University of Wollongongong. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in creative arts in graphic design and new media.

Before being an actress, she started modeling while taking acting classes in parallel. After taking drama lessons, she realized that her love for drama was much stronger.

It started in 2000 after moving to Los Angeles. She has appeared on a number of films taking short roles on various major films. One of the main roles was in the film “Minotaur” in the role of Queen Raphaella with Tony Todd and Tom Hardy. Other performances have taken place in works such as the renewal of the series “Melrose Place”, “Castle” and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Megalyn Echikunwok

Megalyn was born in Spokane, Washington, to an English, German and Irish mother and a Nigerian father. The actress was discovered very early and started playing at the age of fourteen. Her aptitude for the performing arts was discovered when she performed in a play at a summer camp.

You may know her from “The 4400”, a television series in which she starred Isabelle Tyler, the adult. She also played a recurring role in the series “Raising The Bar” broadcast on TNT. She also performed roles on “Made In Jersey” “90210” “That’s The 70’s Show” by CBS and several others.

The actress has also made her voice heard on the political front by defending the causes in which she believes and by creating awareness. She made the headlines when she got in touch with the comedian Chris Rock. The two have been dating for some time with rumors of impending marriage making patrols on the Internet.
Rachel Mwanza

Rachel Mwanza is an actress from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Born in Mbuyi Mayi in the Kasai-Oriental province of the DRC, the actress had a difficult childhood.

In 2005, when Mwanza was only 8 years old, his father sent the family to live in Kinshasa with the promise that he would join them later, which he did not do.

The following years were difficult for the family, and Mwanza and his brothers and sisters had to drop out of school to fend for themselves. Mwanza’s situation worsened further when she was declared a witch and thrown into the street, where she spent the next few years trying to survive.

Mwanza’s break came when Kim Ngunyen, a director, saw her in a documentary on survival on the streets of Kinshasa. She was subsequently chosen to star in the film War Witch in 2012.

Her performance earned her an avalanche of awards at the Berlin Film Festival, the Vancouver Film Critics Circle and the Tribeca Film Festival. In 2013, Mwanza also starred in the film Kinshasa Kids.
Thandie Newton

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Thandiwe Nashita “Thandie” Newton starred in many Hollywood blockbuster movies and cemented her name as one of the greatest female stars of our time.

The English actress has had roles in American and British outings. Thandie Newton made her debut in the movie Flirting in 1991. She then starred in the movie “Interview With A Vampire” 3 years later.

Her most significant roles are Nyah Nordhoff-Hall in “Mission Impossible II”, Sally Hemings in “Jefferson In Paris”, Kate Thomas in “Norbit”, Linda in “The Pursuit of Happiness” and a title role in “ Beloved ”.
During his long career, Newton was recognized for his achievements in the film industry, including a Black Reel award for best ensemble in “The Chronicles of Riddick”, a nomination for a Black Movie Award for outstanding performance. in a supporting role in “Crash”, Screen Actors Guild for an exceptional performance by a distribution in “Crash” among many others.

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