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Shot on location in Lagos, set in the glittering and dynamic world of film production, Nigeria’s most successful soap opera TINSEL marries all the elements of drama, intrigue, romance, deception, betrayal and triumph into one thrilling ‘must-watch’ series for The Africa Channel audiences.

If suspense whets your appetite, tune in this month, for a story that engages, entertains and keeps you wondering what happens next…

Tinsel follows the story of two rival film production houses whose fierce battles for box-office dominance sees them taking their rivalry from film-sets to industry boardrooms and everywhere in between!

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137 Responses to “Tinsel – Brand New Episodes”

  1. Adia Dave says:

    Great job you guys! You keep my appetite wet.
    I know this is not the appropriate channel for this, but
    Just incase you need to introduce a new character please am fully interested.

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Thanks for the lovely comments Adia! Stay tuned for more Tinsel news and good luck with the acting!

      • Sheila says:

        Tinsel is WOW! The characters play their roles excellently. Brenda is my favourite. Well done to the producers, directors, writers etc of this soap-opera.

  2. wadiya says:

    advertisement looks good. We do not get this in the chicago area. We watch the africa channel on comcast, but no tinsel. Can you add it to our area?

  3. Oje says:

    This was my favorite show before I left Nigeria for the UK. I am so happy that it came cos i was missing it badly. Tip for you guys, also look in showing Edge of Paradise…

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Great! Glad you’re enjoying it! We will start looking into Edge of Paradise today. Thanks

  4. maureen adepegba says:

    Please where can I watch tensel online, I am out of the country….I love tensel. I enjoy watching…thank you..

  5. Florence says:

    Why was Uzo Egeonu replaced as amaka? I really liked her.

  6. tina says:

    I luv d whole cast,especially…titi kagbesioye…jst luv “tinsel”

  7. Chris Cowan says:

    I lurv Tinsel!!!! It is wel gud, n i saw it on holidai wif my mates!! I luv it when they all act lyk dere is BARE DRAMA, sooo funny!

  8. Angela Obong says:

    Pls i need to know the channel and time Tinsel it’s being shown cos i missed out, i’m in Nigeria

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Dear Madam,

      Thank you for your comments and for watching the Africa Channel. We always love to hear your opinions about our current programming and appreciate all the feedback our viewers offer us.

      You can watch Tinsel weekdays at 6.30pm on The Africa Channel, on Sky 268 in the UK and in Ireland.

      Additionally, if you would like to be kept up to date with any changes in the programme including brand new shows then do not hesitate to sign up to the newsletter here:
      As well as all the latest news from the Africa Channel UK, the newsletter contains various competitions to enter to win some excellent prizes.

      Hope this email finds you well and you continue to enjoy the Africa Channel and comment on our website,

      Thank you,

      The Africa Channel

      • Ola says:

        You guys are just tooooooooooo unique in you unique way. I love you all. You make me cry sometimes seeing how well favoured and talented African is. Keep the goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood work up. GOD bless you!

  9. Sandra says:


    Luv Tinsel and thnk u guys are doing a fantastic job.

    I’m slightly confused..Tinsel is shown on Nollywood and Africa chnl, but which shows the most up-to-date and rencent episodes? I watch both, but I’m not sure which chnl shows the most current episodes…would it be possible to please tell me what chnl airs the most recent episodes of Tinsel in the UK? Thanks!

  10. emma says:

    I live in France and I would like to watch Tinsel. But here it’s not possible. Does anybody know where I can buy it or watch it online? I don’t know… Thank you!!

  11. Coop says:

    Thank you to the producers and cast of Tinsel. Really enjoy this show and all the characters, its nice to see something I can be comfortable with, I only ask why a Nigerian dialect isn’t used in between English like in Scandals?

  12. Daniella says:

    What season of tinsel are we on pls thank u

  13. Hafiz says:

    Tinsel is the number one film i luv most in my life n i will like to know wether i can get a copy of it to buy.from(Ghana)

  14. Dee says:

    So glad to find Tinsel again. Saw the first season a few years back and I’m finding it hard to catch up. Are there DVDs of older episodes?

  15. Lulu kumalo says:

    The one showing on Africa channel is the most recent one

  16. ijang says:


  17. ijang says:


  18. Tulagha E. S. says:

    I watch tinsel every day a strong follower, i like all the charcters, the last episode another person changed Angela I am not pleased what has happend to her, is she going to come back , You know there are no two Angelas she is too good for that character

  19. Samuel Ukoh says:

    Accolades on your superb production Tinsel, never want to miss any episode, but please I have some suggestions, can Ziggi be brought back? Ziggi adds another dimension to the programme, he is good and exciting, The new Angela is so boring and stream less, she wants to be Matilda Obaseki, she can’t, the former Angela was off the hook, does her thing effortless and flawless, finally the whole programme is becoming predictable and flat.

  20. jenny says:

    Wat happened 2 angela,d new angela is dry.

  21. justin says:

    i completely agree wit samuel.the obaseki chic wz unique.she made the character in amaka become very real for the viewers.the new angela need to up her game otherwise…

  22. Michelle says:

    What sky channel does this air on? 268 isnt available. Thanks

  23. Natalie.Tandoh says:

    Dear Michelle,
    The Africa Channel can now be found in channel 209. Thank you

  24. xtine says:

    Your number one southern African fan going to get me a sprinkle of Tinsel followed loads of Scandal or the other way round. Not having to decipher the West African accents this time, therefore more entertaining for me and my folks

  25. deladem duvi says:

    i think leonora okine is doing well for a start playing angela. i love tinsel especially brenda n kwame. goooooooooooooooooooo chris attoh for your good work in tinsel

  26. Jo says:

    I started tinsel in nigeria’s africa magic now i watch it both on nollywood and africa channel in uk. The soap is just brilliant but i miss Uzo Egeronu as Amaka, Funmi Holden very good but Natalie pls
    hint us on what happened to Uzo and what is this about our familiar Angela and Ziggy.

  27. Sir Billy says:

    My family watches Tinsel daily. Please do all you can to bring back Obaseki (Angela) and Ziggy even in another role. While on vacation, we watch it on channel 209 in UK. Which channel do we get it in New York? Keep up the good work.

  28. maury says:

    great ! great! great! i love it. philip, brenda, ur characters oh my God Amazing.

  29. Gad says:

    Tinsel is the best soup opera have watched,I must say its educative, mature and inspiring. I want to know if I could have on DVD because I’ve missed lot of episome. I’ll be glad to hear from you.

  30. Moi says:

    I totally agree with everyone,Tinsel is the only program I watch on TV. I am glad Shalewa is back on the show we missed her character dearly, as per Matilda (Amaka) pls bring her back!

  31. sarah says:

    Good job! Am on my maternity leave then i discovered this soap Tinsel, my household can’t miss even we do record it if we r not at home. It quiet interesting, i hope thelima marries Soji, Chuks is funny and pls bring back Shalewa, she is so funny all characters r well acted except Philip is too serious. I hope Angela and Amaka r safe from shubb… Welldone! Much better than Jacob cross.. I give u guys kiss muahhhhh…..

  32. Adwoa says:

    pls where can i get a copy to buy,as is sooo nice.

  33. kim says:

    Fantastic soap, we’ev just missed the ominibus on Saturday and it felt the whole world is comming to an end. As for Phillip his seriousness is the beutity of his characters, he is most time misunderstood, I love his character straight to the point no beating around the bush. Phillip pls keep it up, shame u cut your hair.
    All the actors and actresses are fantastice,you hardly get such characters this days
    well done everyone
    Question, how do I catch up on missed ominibus on Saturday?

  34. Natalie.Tandoh says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We tried to send you an email about your comment but it di not get through! Could you send an email to so we can try again? Thanks

  35. happiness says:

    i like the whole show, Brenda is an extra ordinary actress, Titi; whao and Angela they are all good in the different rolls they are playing. pls is Chuks naturally the way he acts or is it just an act cos he and Ene are two funny set of people and a wonderful combination. lastly, can i get tinsel on Dvd pls? reply

  36. Natalie.Tandoh says:

    Dear Happiness,
    Thank you for your comments. We are not aware of any plans to release Tinsel on DVD, but if we do, we will be sure to let you know by way of our newsletter. You can sign up here
    The Africa Channel Team

  37. Victor Vulor says:

    The production is a masterpiece. The setting is of a unique style, reminiscent of well researched American style. Eavesdropping and gossip characteristic of most African movies and soaps are conspicuosly missing. Everybody is acting so well. I am particularly impressed with the legal prowess of Angela Dede’s lawyer.

  38. Dorcas Agati says:

    Tinsel is great. It helps me while aways time. @least we now have a drama that does not involve all this juju that comes with the usual Nigeria drama. Keep it up.

  39. patience moses says:

    When will Alhaji Abubakar(master’s) be brought to justice? Pls bring back Matilda Obaseki(Angel Dede). The girl is a genuis in acting as a lunatic.

  40. debbyhoney says:

    Honestly,tinsel is d best soap I have seen so far.however,i will wish to enjoy it more than dis…pls,can I get d whole series at once.I will so appreciate it if there is a whole compilation and where I can get it.
    I must say tinsel is a wonderful job…d script,the actors and actresses are all on point. To d director(s),good job….

  41. Nkoli Nnamah says:

    I ℓσνє tinsel ‎​Ƨ̷o​ much that I don’t missout. But I want Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ know why the color or background is ‎​Ƨ̷o​ different from the normal movies produced in Nigeria.

  42. T says:

    I am currently watching Tinsel on the Africa Channel in the UK. Love it, love it. Only one fly in the ointment. There is an announcer who talks over the last line of dialogue which from my understanding of soaps etc is supposed to be the cliffhanger and meant to keep us in anticipation for the next episode, instead you don’t hear what the character is saying. The announcers comments are not particularly interesting or useful and could be said over the credits instead. Please ask her to stop spoiling the last line of the episode for us.
    I am the only one who finds it annoying?

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Dear Taiwod,
      Thank you for your feedback. We have sent you an email to assure you that the problem will be remedied as soon as possible.
      Thank you very much for drawing our attention to it.
      Best wishes,
      The Africa Channel Team

  43. spice says:

    Pls where can i watch tinsel online.

  44. P says:

    When will Tinsel return to uk Sky tv.

    Many thanks
    A viewer.

  45. Ebere says:

    Hi Africa Channel,

    I really LOVE watching Tinsel and Schedule!!!

    However, I also have a busy Schedule/ and find it hard to watch the shows everyday.

    Is it possible to have a catch up online application where I can watch the shows on my own time???

    It would be GREAT if you can instual that application***

    Thank you x Ebere

  46. mensah emmanuel says:

    Pls can i get de series to buy.

  47. Hafa says:

    I want to advice the crew to put this piece together in a DVD after showing the whole series. You ll make a lot from it cos pple like us that have missed some part will have the priviledge to catch up and I’m sure those that watched all episodes too will not mind watching all over again. Kudos!

  48. Betty says:

    Just great to watch. Wouldn’t mind being part of it. Thank you producers, directors cast and all involved.

  49. Tulagha Ebimieowei S. says:

    Tinsel is the only prorgramme I watc h now I like it in such a way that I dont understand, All the xters are exceptional. Mr Ade Williams, I can not name all but Masters, am afraid of him Detective Sanki shld arest him n prosecut himn send him to jail. Matilda Obaseki shild come back. This Angela shld be careful with Masters ,Titi kabisi shld leave Ziggys bar as it is, the Police shld take Dans mata to curt n decide his faith who knws ha might be free. All Tinsel xters shld be afraid of Kuame he is nt a good person. This is the only programme I watch pls dont stop showing it now even if u hv that kind of plan.

  50. Panchen Large says:

    I am a new convert of Tinsel, it is quite different from other Nigerian comedies. It is sophisticated, actors are are well trimmed and polished,, with fantastic story lines. Always looking forward to 6.30 pm. Keep it up.

  51. Titus says:

    Please, I am working on a project on Tinsel. Where would I get the number of awards Tinsel has got so far? And if there is any challenges facing Tinsel?

  52. KARL BANKS says:


  53. Panchen Large says:

    Sheila should not allow Laide(my favourate) to overshadow her, she is the oga’s wife, the house given to Laide by Fred, may be a corporate property.Let Sheila fight back.

  54. Wummy says:

    I love tinsel, is the most precious and nice soap opera av ever watch in my life is very matured and luking so nice all the actor and actress are doing so well expecially shalewa, angela, chuck, kwame, ene, amaka, shila, soji and bimpe, they are all acting so wel in their position thanks once again i love tinsel!!!

  55. Jennifer says:

    Let’s start a look a like stituation with Tinsell stars and mainstream actors. I start with Angela & Sue Ellen of early Dallas, Angela not only resembles her, but she has the twiches and sqwinting of the eyes down to a tee!

  56. Theresa says:

    I love tinsel it is the livest nigerian show i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Austin O says:

    I enjoy watching Tinsel at my leisure time, it is a good blast. I love all the actors, my favourite is Amaka.
    I am proud to be a Nigerian.

  58. ifeatu ezeoka says:

    i love tinsel, i tout i was current, just discover dat am behind.hw do i catch up d latest show.

  59. Patience says:

    Hi. I really enjoy watching Tensil. Can I watch it via the Internet as well?

  60. Zinny blue stamford says:

    I really love tinsel,but pls try and release it on dvd

  61. blue says:

    How can one be part of the programe,i mean am ailling to act for tinsel

  62. Sam, says:

    Used to be a great soap. Since Philip’s absence, the story lines now have elevated Dan’s prison scene (becoming too boring), Chucks and Ene (becoming more irritating), Bimpe (now has a convoluted reality show) and Soji (now a supporting cast to Bimpe). They have stopped making films and Amaka has transformed into a gossip. Kwame seemingly has no more Police problems and becoming the “Lord of the Manor, with Brenda becoming more of a pussy cat than the tigress we used to know.
    The writers must reintroduce that magic. Danny has not done that. We need Philip back and firing, Brenda up in arms, Self-righteous Fred; all woven into a tight story line or they begin to think of pulling the plugs on the show.

  63. Ron Mgbatogu says:

    Mr. Jab Adu is 80 today and still delivering great performances on Tinsel. What an inspiration to actors in Nigeria. Happy birthday, sir.

  64. Olu says:

    I started watching tinsel barely a month ago and I am loving it, i have never followed a program like i am doing with tinsel but why are we not seeing new episodes, since Monday, it has been a repeat. All the the characters are unique compared to other African soaps. The choice of words, the tone of voice, the actions, the characters, the settings and the costumes are all fantastic. Keep up the good work. More grace to your elbows. God bless you all. From my heart

  65. Bukunmi Salami says:

    I love tinsel and all d actors and actresses so much especially salewa, amaka, shiela. But i misses a lot of episodes which pains me alot. I wish to watch it at a glance if available. Thanks

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Bukunmi, Thank you for your comment. Luckily you will be able to catch up on those missed episodes that we are currently broadcasting at 6.30pm and 1.30pm every weekday, as well as an omnibus of all the week’s episodes on Saturdays from 1pm. Best wishes from The Africa Channel.

  66. Kalikali says:

    I don’t miss even a sigle episode, l love it so much watching it from 209.i hated so much when expecting a new episode instead turns ou to be a repeat of past episodes. Can Africa channel solve this pls.

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Kalikali, Thank you for your comment. We are currently giving viewers a chance to catch up on missed episodes but rest assured, we will be braodcasting new episodes again in the new year.

  67. Barbrah Tinker says:

    Pliz Tinsel production group is there any more episodes of Tinsel as the catch up is killing us.Can you Pliz screen some new episodes.Thanx

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Barbrah, sorry to hear that! But it is great that you are such a big fan! Rest assured that new episodes will be starting again soon, we appreciate your patience in the meantime. Best wishes from The Africa Channel

      • Solomon says:

        Thanks Natalie.Tandoh,

        We’ll looking out at the beginning of every week for a start of new episodes.

        Well done guys.

  68. Ivy says:

    Please when will the new episode start as I have water the catch up.

  69. Panchen Large says:

    Why are we being bombarded with catch ups? It is time we have the new episode.

  70. delight says:

    Ade williams , you are just too much, keep it up. lease tinsel should put all the seasons togeaether as requested by many people. it worth’s keeping and watching over and over again

  71. Theresa says:

    I love ur show best nigerian show i have ever watched

  72. t[tola says:

    which nigeria tv channels shows tinsel?

  73. Shadrach says:

    seriously you guys are the best. i have never dedicated my time in watching any tv program like tinsel. keep up the good work and thumbs up to all the crew especially chucks, Brenda, kwame and angela

  74. Theresa says:

    I luv tinsel very much but how cum no one has replied back from my comment i made people reply pls p.s does any anyone no wen brand new episodes of tinsel start all of the ominbus i watched wen it was new

  75. Panchen Large says:

    At last, some good news, can’t wait for the new episodes.

  76. Abayol Maureen, says:

    i really love Watching this soap, the characters make it soooooooo real. Would love to be part of it. I Would love to know when auditions come up please

  77. aaron kusi says:

    i love you guys.good work.

  78. Ibebunjoh Chiamaka says:

    Pls how can i get an acting job wit tinsel movies. Studied theatre arts & i’m really great at it

  79. Theresa says:

    Tinsel’s back i watched it today brand new telema moved in with soji again so cute they suit thanks Caitlin for telling me when tinsel started again kind regards keep me posted on what happens please. So happy !!!!!.Why don’t you get another Nigerian drama i would tots watch it please do then send it to me

  80. Rosie says:

    @ Theresa: where and when did u watch the new tinsel? When did it start please

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Rosie,
      New episodes of Tinsel started again on Monday 4th February and are broadcast every weeknight at 6.30pm. You can catch up on the week’s episodes with the omnibus from 10am on Saturday mornings. The Africa Channel is available on Sky 209 and Virgin Media 828

  81. Rosie says:

    Awe I’ve missed 1week. Well, not too bad. I’ll follow up from this Saturdays omnibus.
    Thank yoi

  82. Lanre says:

    Great stuff guys. What a captivating, inspiring and soul touching soap opera. It touches some areas and fabric of Nigeria society and overall internationally accepted.

  83. hamza says:

    what a nice drama but i mis a lot, how can get complite to buy? thanks.

  84. Rosie says:

    Is it just 3 episodes of tinsel that is aired in a week now? I’ve noticed for the past 2weeks now wed & thurs episodes are catch ups. What’s going on?

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Rosie, Brand New Episodes are being broadcast from tonight, every weeknight at 6.30pm. Thank you for your patience during the catch-ups. Hope you continue to enjoy Tinsel!

  85. MAV says:

    TINSEL is da bomb blasttttt,……i love it..i only get to watch it on sunday’s cos of ma busy schedules during weekdays… it possible to get a full CD of it?
    reply vis email..plssss. thanks

  86. gina says:

    Guys, I really appreciate your work. you people have glued my back side on the chair watching the clock ticking to the time for tinsel to be braodcasted. oh I love salewa, kwame{he makes me laugh}, Philip{ the bad boy} RMD, Chuks looks funny and acts funny. Mr Fred is an ideal father. His wife is an ideal mother. Amaka is a good office staff.
    OMG I love tinsel. cant resist it. kissessss to all of u. salewa’s mum drives me naught. gosh, kudos to u all.

  87. Rachel says:

    I enjoy watching Tinsel and get upset whenever I miss any episode but glad they show on Saturday. My favorite people are: Amaka, Salewa, Titi K, Thelma, Ene, Chuks, Soji, Angela, Sheila, Fred and Brenda even though she act like miss know it all… love you all. Would be glad to come to Nigeria and meet everyone.

  88. John says:

    I love Tinsel, where will I start Bimpe she so good Shalewa her Mum, Thelma Duke Soji Kwame Angela Amaka so intelligent, RMD the Masters even the press,they are all good, Keep it up I have never seen an African like this I am a good fan of yours pls do visit collection, Nollywood collection, you will see your collections there, Kudos to you all.

  89. John says:

    Pls do visit my collection, Nollywood collection, on face book, you will see your pictures there, I have not seen any African soap like this.

  90. RUTH says:

    I really miss Tinsel ever since I left Ghana to Canada. I have a lot of favourite especially Brenda and Phillip. The Soap is a great and intelligent job. Bravo. When are you bringing Tinsel to Canada?

  91. Dupe says:

    Tinsel is classic and unique. I admire every character in the soap.

    Well done

  92. folashade says:

    I love all the dramas shown so far, tinsel or jacob’s cross. I will love to act in one of them, my enquiry is how do i join or become one of the crew pleaseee, my heart desire for acting but no help

  93. Ibukun says:

    I’m a big fan of Tinsel. I so luv it. I love Thelema,Shalewa,Nne,Amaka. I travelled. I’v missed so many episodes. Can I get a DvD dat comprises all d episodes. I’l appreciate ur reply.

  94. shalom says:

    mehn! tinsel is the best soap opera ever watched….as a growing teenager,tinsel has broadened my horizon…..and nw the 1000th episode…haaaa..more grease 2 ur elbows…d likes of jacob’s cross are also beautiful

  95. isoken says:

    Tinsel is nice but checkmate is d best love it.

  96. naa says:

    i luv tinsel,cant afford to miss any episode.its quite unfortunate am far behind cos i dnt ve a dstv to watch de current ones but not worried we wld soon get der.i luv all de casts.i admire thelima n soji most.wish Fred was my dad.chuks n ene my favs so funny

  97. mitch says:

    is it only on tele i can watch it, cant i watch it with my laptop online?

  98. Seun Adetola says:

    Great and good.

  99. Sophia says:

    Tinsel is one of my favorite tv show to watch, I wish i could be one of the cast one day!. I hope Tinsel will get te recognition it deserve from oscar…

    Let me know when you have audition next in lagos or abuja. Even now if you need new super actors…

    Happy weekend, Sophia from England.

  100. Best. says:

    Why is Angela been replaced with someone else.

  101. serge kadiayi says:

    j aime votre serie mais je besoin d avoir tous vos srie comment je peus trouve?

  102. I wish tinsel could bring up a scene to help nigeria upcoming musicians of which my growing label name. ‘ Oneluvbrodaz” is one music group tinsel managements can help by just introducing us in a episode, they could just introduce music competition, which will capture viewers and in a way help we the up comers and we will always love this Chance.
    Thanks tinsel. Managements

  103. Winnie says:

    Wow…Tinsel is a super amazing soap. I particularly lurv shalewa and kwame…unfortunately I missed d earliest season….how can I download it online?#sad#

  104. Dee says:

    Hi Natalie, am going away pls where can I watch Tinsel online cos I can’t afford to miss it. Many thanks

  105. Dee says:

    Hello Natalie, u re doing a good job, well done. Pls am going away for a couple of weeks, where can I watch Tinsel online cos can’t afford to miss it. Many thankx

  106. mark asuaama nelka says:

    Tinsel its a very interesting soap opera that I love watch whenever I am chance. I even attended it audition to get a role but was denied the judges where kind of being pa shall by giving script to ladies and known faces only, which I see no good reason why audition was called in the first place

  107. Ola says:

    Please tell Mr Fred his part is really getting out of hand because I feel for Sheila. Also please tell Angela to slow down. Nero I know how you feel but I think you need to give them 2 babies space and get a little bit of info before you pack out. Finally please Kwame make sure all your games end in just drama because honestly you are a Baaaaaad guy, Soji you must be very crazy to ever trust Kwame, you shouldn’t have allowed him to get to you so badly. Sanke please keep at your good job you make us laugh all the time. Those Dr are boooooooooooring man! this is not because I am a medical person but I still respect Ibrahim’s part. When is spoilt child Brenda coming back we miss her tantrums and her evil personality. BUT over all I think I have to drop this, you guys are just tooooooooooo much even though your parts may be some how I believe that is the way the directors want it and just to let you know I LOVE YOU ALL! If I have to vote though, I will vote for Bimpe and her BIG mouth. She is never angry no matter the insult. I have to go now hope to drop by soon.

  108. Ola says:

    Laide please don’t try it because you are such a mischief. Sorry to say because you are already feeling something for Dan unless you want to lie to yourself.

  109. Bode Ogunya says:

    The episode that was shown tonight 7/08/2013 on sky 209 appears to be one meant for weeks ahead.I think some episodes have been jumped. Can the mistake be ratified please. Thanks.

  110. laura says:

    Me and my mum love this show its the best part of africa channel. Dont get me wrong the other shows on this channel are fantastic but tinsel is my favriout


    last week n this week my africa channel is not working so i couldn’t watch tinsel n scardle. mmmm i don’t konw wat to do i feel sick

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Nana,
      We are sorry to hear about this. Have you contacted your cable or satellite provider? They should be able to help you with the problem.
      Best wishes from The Africa Channel team

  112. delia says:

    i love tinsel tinsel…..

    but fred needs to get his memory back because its dragging :( noww

    anways i love philip, detective lol….

  113. Chinenye Ezebuiro says:

    Tinsel you guns has made NIGERIA proud . I fill happy with watching tinsel everyday only that the African Chanel net work no longer working in Belguim

  114. This use to be one of my favorite shows..

  115. wadza says:

    I just luuuuuv the titan salewa romance hope to c more of it n hot titi wld react if they decide to get married.

  116. Oge says:

    Where can I watch full episodes of this? I’ve looked all over online and I can’t seem to access a site that provides the episodes. My apologies if they are present on this site. I’m just presently unable to find them.

  117. Erica says:

    Hi, please how can I watch Tinsel from the U.S.? I am subscribed to Comcast and I have the Africa Channel, but no Tinsel. Help!

  118. Sonia Williams says:

    Watching all the way from Germany !
    Love the serie !

  119. Joseph says:

    Hello dear, I used to watch this programme but it ended on African channel. I was just wondering I’d is there a new season coming up if yes when and which channe. Thanks.

  120. Pl let me know whether we can buy the script/text. Also on which stations and how often do you show this great Tinsel in the UK?

  121. why did you take Tinsel off need to know what is happen I will i Know

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