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Africa’s answer to Oprah, former Capital Radio presenter Patricia Amira hosts a brand new series of her daily talk show that features everything from entertainment, social issues and everyday life advice. The Patricia Show is broadcast in over 45 African countries to over 10 million people. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, our informed host shares and voices her opinion, where no two days are the same.

Recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of Africa’s most powerful celebrities, Patricia Amira, host of chat show The Patricia Show, is set to become even bigger across the African continent and beyond.

Patricia took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to The Africa Channel UK about her show, which guests inspire her and being listed in Forbes’ Top 40 Powerful African Celebrities…

You recently made the Forbes list of the 40 most Powerful African Celebrities. How did that make you feel?

I felt humbled and surprised by my inclusion on the list. I have always felt that the African continent needs to examine itself based on the premise that change starts with the self. It is important that children see the possibilities available to them.  It’s not just about positive stories; it’s more life stories, the good and the bad which resonate with all humanity, told in an African context. This is what I seek to do in both my television and radio work. Being included is a testament to the whole of the production team and the guests who choose to give their time and personal stories.

The Patricia Show is watched by over 10 million people in 45 African countries, and here in the UK on The Africa Channel.  Did you ever think your show would become so popular?

I have always been surprised at how quickly we were given continental coverage, especially given that we originally intended to create a more localised Kenyan weekly show! We always hoped to give viewers the opportunity of seeing content, the quality and range of which has not been offered before. For me, this is a growth process and as we move forward, we certainly hope to increase the range and depth of the show’s content since this is the only way of growing with our viewers.

Out of all the people you have met on the Patricia Show, who was the most inspiring to you?

I am constantly inspired by the stories and experiences which we feature on the show. I guess the most uplifting stories are those in which ordinary people triumph over adversity, whether it’s the lady who rescues young girls from premature marriage, to the visually impaired kids at the Thika School For the Blind, who are able to gain valuable skills and education from others dedicated to ensuring they are not marginalised, that they are better enabled to contribute to society and live fuller lives.

Who would you love to get onto the show and why?

I’d love to talk with Desmond Tutu. He is probably the most quotable African around, seems to have a great sense of humour and can cut through to the heart and mind like no one else I’ve heard! Also, more ordinary people who just through their innovation and resourcefulness change the communities they live in and inspire the world. Take for instance, William Kamkwamba, who as a young rural dwelling Malawian boy built a windmill out of scrap metal, and old electrical parts just from reading books from a poorly supplied village library. He brought electricity to his home!!! Such stories touch the very core of the human experience because we often don’t understand the scope of our capabilities.

Who has been your most unusual guest on the show?

Well, probably the three foot snake which chose to slither up my sleeve and wouldn’t leave! It wasn’t poisonous but I believe I share an aversion to slithering things with most people. More fool me for choosing to ignore the old broadcast adage about not working with animals!

Is there a particular episode of The Patricia Show that you enjoyed filming the most?

One of the perks of doing what I do is hearing a wide variety of stories from each guest, as each one comes with something to share and learn from. I thoroughly enjoy location shoots for the spontaneity and, to be honest, it is probably a more natural space for me to work in.

Do you have a favourite show you like to watch?

Generally, my viewing is dictated by the needs of my 5 year old daughter. Apart from that I enjoy Later with Jools Holland, natural history docs (David Attenborough is a venerable genius!!!) and catching up on the news.

What are your three simple pleasures in your life?

My family, a cup of Kenyan tea and the music of Ali Farka Toure.

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7 Responses to “The Patricia Show”

  1. Ola says:

    Dear Patricia,
    I saw your show this afternoon on the Africa Channel. Your guest from WFP mentioned that “most of the children are HIV positive”. As an African child, I disagree with her statement and I think it is not good enough to make such derogatory statement on a national TV. It is dangerous to generalise in order to make a point when you don’t have a valid proof.
    People should be more professional, factual and mindful of their listeners when presenting on air.

  2. yomi says:

    Hi Pat,
    Watched a bit of your show this morning which touched on the way Africa is potrayed around the world. I must say you selected a topic very dear to me. Keep up the good job of changing the negative perceptions, stereotypes unfounded prejudices and perspectives. When someone of an African descent does good, it is not celebrated enough across the world, the only time we tend to get a lot of western airtime is when their it negative news to report, 419 scams, war, famine, illegal migration, poverty and corruption. When you hear so much negative stuff over and over and over again, it sticks and you start believing it. Thats the story of Africa. We need to decolonise our mind, body and spirit.start to wear Africa with pride! I feel the need for re-orientation hasn’t been greater, so we can start to take great pride in our rich culture heritage. They scrambled for Africa, pillaged and plundered, raped the land yet Africa is still so rich, so rich i can’t put a value even if I try. Once again keep up the spirit and speak up for Africa.


  3. Thandiwe Mumba says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I just watched your show on dark/brown skin. Please can the African Leaders be advised that skin bleaching is a time bomb that will explode and rob Africa of its young before their time.
    There shall be an epicdemic of skin cancer in the few years to come. Our countries will not cope with that. We need massage sent out to educate the men and the women. the skin bleaching creams are made of dangerous chemicals that are striping the protection of the skin and WHAT MAKES OUR SKIN TO HEAL WE NEED MEDIA TO HIGHLIGHT THIS TIME BOMB.

  4. Ricky Barr says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I saw your programme today(29/1/2013) about empowering children in Africa on Health and Hygiene issues. The “WA S H” initiative and the lack of TOILETS that further diadvantage girls education. Wish to donate a couple of toilets but have no contact. Can you help. You are doing a GREAT JOB.


    Ricky B

  5. Ade says:

    hi Pat, I enjoy watching your shows, but there is this bespectacled man who argues blindly like he lives in the stone age. He once said he would not allow his wife to work and that the woman’s place is in the home, he also said a woman should stay put in an abusive marriage. I am not for divorce, but obviously an abusive marriage needs help and sometimes there may be a need for the woman to retreat and seek help to make it work, rather than allow herself to be killed by a physically abusive man. please try get men who are not chauvinistic on your panel please.

  6. Felix says:

    Dear Patricia.I often watch your show,and find it very informative and entertaining. I am a foot health professional with over fifteen years experience. After spending eight years working with some very talented foot doctors in the U S A. I am now working in the marble arch area of London, we treat fungal nails with laser,a process which fares well with people of colour.I recently appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh show. I would love the chance to appear on your show

  7. collins says:

    Hi Patricia, i often and like watching your show and congratulation been in Forebs magazine, the problem with we Africans we don’t value who we are and what we are, please keep doing your show am impressed and will support you any where if you need it.

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