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News – Africa Edition – a daily news programme hosted by Chris Maroleng, already presenter of Africa 360 – broadcast every day at 8pm.  News – Africa Edition brings you unrivalled coverage of Africa’s most compelling stories. News as it unfolds, with expert analysis and insight.

Five years ago, Chris Maroleng left the academic world to pursue broadcast journalism. His vision: to deliver African news and stories, as told by Africans.  With the launch of his weekly show, Africa 360, this became a reality. Now, News – Africa Edition brings you daily, in-depth reporting of major news events across the continent, including interviews with prominent newsmakers, from Heads of State to beloved artists and musicians.

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8 Responses to “Africa Edition”

  1. Sotiris says:

    Hey guys how you doin? Just wanted to know if it’s true that most of the Equatorial Guinea players are not born and bred from their country.

    The team is consisting of Libyans and Spaniards who were given Equatorial Guinean citizenship so that they could be part of team for the AFCON 2012.

    If it’s true… why cheat to win??? Go Zambia Go… beat them and put them to shame.

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Lots of National teams buy players! Look at the UK premiership teams! We wish all the players the best for AFCON 2012! Thanks for getting in touch Sotiris and let us know your predictions for the final!

  2. Perci Holmes says:

    I love Africa channel. No disrespect to any other channel, but after 44 years of seeing the world through others eyes, this channel has given me a wonder perspective on my place in the world.

  3. Irene says:


    We cant watch enews Africa any more here in Nairobi.
    We were receiving you at 224MHz

  4. Martin says:

    This great sons of Africa, the entire team of Enews Africa you are doing a wonderful job. Thanks for the tireless effort and the risks you are taking on the grounds while reporting African stories. As Africans we are the only ones who can tell our stories better. We would like to see this channel cementing its position at the global stage telling African stories as it should be without fear or favor. Thanks guys but in the future i want to see Enews competing with the likes of CNN and Aljazeera.

  5. Ibrahim Jalloh says:

    Just to say you are the best thing to have come from South Africa. I am not a South African but having been there I only wish my black brothers there would think as you do. Will you please tell me why places in SA still have colonial names 18 years after freedom. In Senegal where I come from it took colonial president Senghorr about 2years to change places of colonoal names to African ones in the 1950′s.

  6. Danie says:

    Can you please send me your email so that we can communicate

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