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An illegitimate son inherits his father’s dream and a family he may never belong to…

The new alliance between Bola and Adana is fueled by revenge and greed.  Bola blackmails Folake with her husband’s life in return for the huge Soludo fortune which Shy has stashed away.  The Abayomi clan is dealt a devastating blow when a major oil spill occurs on their new offshore oil field and against all expectations, their relief comes from a proposal by Bola. But Jacob (played by Hlomla Dandala) and Folake (played by Moky Makura) have to face the authorities and world press, and fight to save the reputation of their family and the empire left to them by their father.

One man’s dream to build an African Empire is filled with dramatic twists and turns. Idealists dreaming to break free from their colonial and apartheid legacy collide with the lure of money, power, corruption and beautiful women.  That is the explosive cocktail that makes Jacob’s Cross a successful series.

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57 Responses to “Jacob’s Cross”

  1. Dina Allard says:

    I missed the start of Jacob’s Cross, series 6. Can you tell me the date when the re-run will start? Many thanks!

    FYI – I love African history documentaries, am now addicted to Scandal and Tinsel and hope Isidingo will soon be back on track. Thanks again.
    Dina Allard

  2. Joseph says:

    Have the same request as Dina…..can you help pls..

  3. mayzi says:


    I have not seen the start of season 6 when next is it going to be aired on the africa channel? thanks

  4. Miss Zee says:

    where can i buy the whole set on dvd…..missed season 6 when is the re-run…love your channel

  5. Anthony says:

    where can i buy the whole set of dvds….. from season 1 to season 6?

    also, when are the reruns going to aired on the african channel

  6. Stella Aregbesola says:

    How can l get the complete cd in London
    Well done guys good work keep it up

  7. Anabanana1 says:

    Here in the States they only show reruns when i am home and new episodes while at work :( Would give my left arm to know where and how i can purchase the Seasons you already have out for sale..It would give me something to look forward to on my day off’s !
    Pls kindly leave me an email.
    Thanx a lot in advance :)

  8. Ayo Ubeku says:

    I will love to get all the series on DVD,is it presently sold in the UK?

  9. Olo says:

    Please where can I get all the series for this programme. needed badly.

  10. Vusa says:

    I missed today’s episode. When is the next rerun so I watch or is there a way of watching it online? Thanks

  11. Lola says:


    Will you be showing any more episodes after the series 6 Ep 13? If so, when.

  12. Joann says:

    Hi where can i buy the whole series plsssssssssssss

  13. TJ says:

    Hi there,
    I use sky+ application on my phone to record Jacob’s Cross but since the time change (from GMT to BST), it records the wrong programme. I think your programme title is not sychronised with what is currently showing. Please fix.
    Where can I buy the whole series?

  14. B.N.MOKUA says:

    The program is o k where can someone get cds to buy.

  15. abigail says:

    pls where can i get the whole series to buy

  16. vincent Ndungi says:

    i am dying to know if it is possible to get all these episode on DVD. please advice

  17. Mrs. Booth says:

    Want to know where I can purchase Jacob’s Cross. Also, I love the show. A predominently black cast- I love it.

  18. Yomi says:

    When and from where will I be able to purchase Season 6?

  19. Christopher Nkadi says:

    Please I need a recap of the last episode of Jacob’s Cross season 6. I am dying to know what happened. Kindly oblige my request. Thank you.

  20. deb says:

    Greeting, I enjoy Generation, Isidingo, and mostly Jacob’s Cross. I live in USA and ready enjoy the African Channel. For some reason Jacob’s Cross is not showing any more reruns. Please send me a email on the updates. Greatly Appreciate your respond back.

  21. jamila says:

    Hi, Am in Amsterdam and would really want to know where I can purchase all the series on dvd. I have to run home each day to catch only 15mins of it on tv and is driving me crazy. Am addicted to watching jacobs cross so please help me purchase it if the series are out on dvd. thank you

  22. jamila says:

    Also if is possible for the the episodes to be repetead more often than it does as compared to the other soaps it will be great. thanks

  23. taya says:

    I cannot do with missing J Cross am Addicted that ,You Guys your doing the Great job,But pls Can you find Anothr way of making us Catch up.Like Making The Cd for the last Eppisode so that we can buy like Prison brake,Keep Entertaining us.Cheers

  24. TEE SHO says:

    Woow!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best ever african series movie made along side shuga . keet ip up

  25. Natalie.Tandoh says:

    Dear Viewers,

    Thank you for your comments and for watching Jacob’s Cross on the Africa Channel. There is no information yet about a DVD version of the show but if this changes we will let you know via the website.
    PLUS Keep tuned for a new series of Jacob’s Cross coming soon.

    Best wishes,
    The Africa Channel

  26. Janet Taliaferro says:

    This show is the best. I am in USA please release all seasons on DVD. The best…. have been looking for DVD for a few years. Make my day. Thanks.

  27. Alag says:

    This series is the best of africa and having it on dvd will be helpful especially as there are some learnings in the show.

  28. BRUNO says:

    just to let you guys know you make a me very proud african.
    A big well done especially to Bola and Jacob

  29. Annette says:

    I would like to kow where I can buy DVDs of the show in New York

  30. Vivian Michaels says:

    Please can tell me when the DVDs for the series of Jacob’s Cross, Tinsel and Scandal will be released . I will like to have them for friends.

  31. Natalie.Tandoh says:

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you for your comment. As Tinsel and Scandal are ongoing soap dramas, it is unlikely that the episodes will be released on DVD. As for Jacob’s Cross, we do not have any information about a DVD at the moment, but as soon as we hear about this we will let you know.
    The Africa Channel team

  32. Rodney says:

    Hi I just wanted to know when does the next new series of jacobs cross start in the UK

  33. Natalie.Tandoh says:

    Hi Rodney,
    Thank you for your question. We are very pleased to announce that the new series of Jacob’s Cross (series 7) will be starting in September. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest announcements and the confirmed starting date
    The Africa Channel team

  34. Emeka Edochie-Nwakonuche says:

    Please how can I follow up again as I have missed since March 2012?Thanks.
    Emeka London .

  35. Paul says:

    I am impressed by the standard displayed and the articulation to expose shady deals of oil and gas business in Africa by the developed countries while using Africans against each other.
    I love Jacob and Adiele. Folake and Chichi. Bola is just a typical greedy, power hungry and deadly Nigerian crook turned millionaire overnight. Lucky his father was rich, if not he would have been diabolic to get rich. Zenale, you are indeed a pretty woman but remember divorce is not a solution to marital stress but understanding and making sure both parties are not mad at the same time.
    Expecting the September edition.

  36. Bobby says:

    Hey guyz,
    Whats happenning to The African Channel.It aint showing In Bracelona,Spain.
    Pls,Let me Know ASAP.

  37. Rennie says:

    Is lerato really dead?

  38. Gabriel says:

    Please email me at once.
    I wish to buy any DVD or BluRays you have of Jacob’s Cross Seasons 1 to 6.

    Thank you.


  39. babs says:

    pls how can i get all the series of jacob cross pls
    babatunde olufisibe

  40. Yomi says:

    Wish to buy DVD’s Seasons 1 – 7 Jacob’s Cross

  41. Alvine says:

    For those of u not in Africa how can we watch the likes of tinsel n Jacobs cross

    • Natalie.Tandoh says:

      Hi Alvine,
      The Africa Channel is broadcast in the UK on Sky channel 209 and Virgin Media channel 828. New episodes of Jacob’s Cross air on Mondays at 9pm and Tinsel airs on weekdays at 6.30pm (with an omnibus on Sunday afternoons from 1.30pm)

  42. abbey says:

    where can i get episode 1 to 6 of jacobs cross in nigeria or uk

  43. Caprice says:

    Hi, can watch Jacob´s Cross in France? If no where can i buy the dvd for season 3 upwards? Thanks…

  44. CJ says:

    I live in the US and moved to a state that does not offer the African Channel; I continue to request it from my cable company. Please tell me how I can purchase seasons 1-6 of Jacob’s Cross. Thank you…

  45. CJ says:

    I live in the US and moved to a state that does not offer the African Channel; I continue to request it from my cable company. Please tell me how I can purchase seasons 1-6 of Jacob’s Cross. I am currently in South Africa on holiday if there is a place locally to purchase Thank you…

  46. gina says:

    pls can you give me a background update of Jacobs cross, so that i can follow up. i am watching where shy married Folake and soludo is in hospital. I love this program.
    again is there any relationship netween tinsel and jacobs cross

  47. Titilayo Macaulay says:

    Pls how can I get all the series of Jacob’s cross, tinsel and scandal on cd in Germany? Thanks

  48. Matu says:

    Hey guys, Love the show but would like to buy the whole box set.. Please respond ive seen alot of people asking for a place to buy them .


    Matu Kihato

  49. Gail says:

    When are they going to have a Jacob’s Cross marathon? Some Season 1 episodes aired today ( 4/28/2013 ) but I missed them. It would be so cool to see seasons 1 – 6 uninterrupted.

  50. ANDRE says:

    First i would say, i absolutely love Jacob’s Cross. when are we likely to get the Africa Channel on FreeView in the UK or at least in London. there is a whole viewer community missing out on your great programs, especially Jacob’s Cross. above all a great viewership potential the Africa channel can tap into. looking forward to seeing the channel on Freeview. albeit a limited service for staters

  51. trisha says:

    Would like to buy all the seasons of Jocab’s Cross

  52. Jo says:

    How can I get the Jacob`s Cross DVD Box Sets in the UK?

  53. Yvonne says:

    Same as jo how can I get the jacob,s cross DVD box set in the UK

  54. Yvonne says:

    Brilliant show I came in at the end and have to catch up desparet to get the complete package is a must have

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