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20 people went away. Only one was left to tell the tale…

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Hosted by Thapelo Mokoena, Fear Factor is a slick South African version of the heart-stopping, adrenalin pumping and internationally successful series that taps into everyone’s most primal fears.

Fear Factor South Africa is a stunt-based show that tests contestants’ ability to overcome their fears and to accept extreme challenges. From eating cockroaches and animal testicles, to being tied by the ankles to a 4X4 and dragged through sand and mud, surviving fast-rising water while being chained inside a tank, to wading through elephant dung to find hidden objects, contestants never know what to expect next.

Of over six thousand applications, twenty contestants were selected to participate in a range of stunts that were revealed only when they arrived on location to perform them.

In a twist to the international series, contestants compete against each other to win a grand prize. To increase the competition and tension between them, they also live side by side in an insulated and spartan “boot camp”, denied all comforts and luxuries, for the duration of production.

Every episode will see a contestant eliminated from the show for failing to perform a stunt successfully, or quickly enough. Who will make it to the end? Tune in every Thursday at 9pm for a thrilling entertainment experience that is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

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    I would love to a contestant on fear factor and proof that there isn’t a stunt that can hold me down,I’m keen on anything but 2eat pork.and I got my eyes on the price.please mail me.

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