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Our Top 5 Siba Recipes

Siba and Tumisho Masha make Moroccan Chickpea Salad, Garlic Butter Prawns with Tagliatelle & Lemon Meringue Pie

Siba and DJ T-Bose make Mini Hamburgers, Umleqwa with Dumplings, Scones & Pineapple Beer

Siba and Mandla Ndimande make Chicken Livers with Peppadew Dip, Lamb Shank Casserole & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Siba and Kendra Etufunwa make Hake Salad, Lamb Cutlets with Wedges & Mango Fruit Salad

Siba and Theo Kgosinkwe make Prawn and Mango Atchar Salad, Chicken & Cashew Nut Stir-fry & Brandy Baskets


All Season 2 Recipes:

(or for all season 1 recipes, click here)

Episode 26: Moroccan Chickpea Salad, Garlic Butter Prawns with Tagliatelle & Lemon Meringue Pie

Tonight Siba cooks for dreamboat and formidable actor Tumisho Masha. She shows The Wild star how to prepare a scrumptious Moroccan salad followed by a winning prawn casserole… and the grand finale? Tune in and see!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 25: Salmon Rolls, Spanish Seafood with Lentils & Ginger Bread Cake

Prepare yourself for an evening of hilarity as Siba cooks for the flamboyant and lovable KB Ngakane! Thought salmon rolls were sushi? Think again… and don’t dare miss this episode!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 24: Mini Hamburgers, Umleqwa with Dumplings, Scones & Pineapple Beer

Radio superstar DJ T-Bose is in the house, or shall we say kitchen, with Siba tonight. The man says he doesn’t do starters… but with sumptuous mini beef and boerewors hamburgers on the menu will he be able to resist? Don’t miss this episode and find out!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 23: Potato Rosti, Chicken and Mushroom Pie & Spicy Pumpkin Pie

Award-winning author Cynthia Jele joins Siba in the kitchen tonight and together they magic up potato rosti with smoked salmon, chicken and mushroom pie and don’t forget the baked pumpkin pie. The stuff of poetry…

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 22: Chocolate Cups with Berry Cheese Cake Filling

Tonight Siba cooks for the talented Loyiso Bala – R&B singer/songwriter, music producer, and a perfectly charming guest.

For the dessert recipe, click here.

Episode 21: Sweet and Sour Chicken

Tonight Siba cooks for the beautiful Gail Nkoane, who stars as the sexy fashion editor Lelo Sedibe on South African soap The Wild. Take a look at Siba’s mouth-watering sweet and sour chicken.

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 20: Prawn Wrap with Tartar Sauce & Carrot Cake

Dare to be dazzled tonight as Siba cooks for entertainer, fashionista and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo. Get your dancing shoes on and don’t miss out on the lip-licking-lekker three-course meal! One that’s sure to get your toes tapping!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 19: Chicken Livers with Peppadew Dip, Lamb Shank Casserole & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Tonight Siba cooks for the Gang of Instrumentals’ frontman Mandla Ndimande. She shows him how to make a hot chicken liver starter, a winning lamb shank and melt-in-your-mouth sticky toffee pudding. It’s too good to miss!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 18: Hake Salad, Lamb Cutlets with Wedges & Mango Fruit Salad

Model and Jacob’s Cross star Kendra Etufunwa graces Siba’s kitchen this evening. Intrigued by what a girl in possession of the Longest Legs in Africa likes to eat? Well, tune in and find out!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 17: Prawn and Mango Atchar Salad, Chicken & Cashew Nut Stir-fry & Brandy Baskets

Singer, record producer and all-round sweetie pie Theo Kgosinkwe takes a seat in Siba’s kitchen tonight for a meal bursting with flavour and style… Click here for the recipe.

Episode 16: Biltong Spread, Lamb Stew Pies & Chocolate Mousse

Brace your tummy muscles as Siba cooks for comedian Ndumiso Lindi. In the mood for a shot of funny? Don’t dare to miss this episode! Click here for the recipe.

Episode 15: Ostrich Kefta & Red Velvet Muffins

Tonight Siba cooks for model, muso and dreamboat Bheki Dladla. Will she be able to keep it together with such a swoon-worthy and sexy guest in the kitchen? Watch and see! Click here for the recipe.

Episode 14: Tasty Cheese Straws & Roasted Lamb Rack

Tonight Siba cooks with none other than the South Africa President’s daughter, Gugulethu Zuma. She shows her how to make cheese straws with Thai chilli sauce and a scrumptious rack of roasted lamb.

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 13:  Easy Chicken Wings, Beef Espetada & Rusk and Chocolate Chip Pudding 

Tonight Siba cooks for the inspirational hip-hop artist and producer Dylan Blayze King. Kicking off with easy chicken wings, followed by Spanish espetada and with a grand finale of choc chip pudding – South-African style!

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 12: Beef carpaccio salad with mustard vinaigrette Panacotta with pineapple sauce

Tonight Siba cooks for lauded and lovable actress Shaleen Surtie-Richards (perhaps best known as Ester Willemse Egoli: Place Of Gold). Don’t miss out as they take the kitchen by storm and laugh their way to a lip-licking-and-luscious meal, culminating in a delicious panacotta.

Click here for the recipe.

Episode 11: Butternut & Couscous Salad, Lamb Neck & Fruity Pavlova

Tonight Siba is cooking with Letshego, an adventure enthusiast and biokineticist. Letshego specialises in orthorpedic rehabilitation & personal training. Healthy eating is definitely on her menu! They will be creating a butternut and couscous salad for the starter, Lamb Neck with toasties for the main course and amazing fruity Pavlova. On your marks, get set – cook!
Click here for the recipe.

Episode 10: Corn And Cheese Pap, Chicken Feet, Chocolate Ice Cream

Tonight Siba cooks with the amazing gospel singer Rebecca Malope, winner of the KORA All African Music Award for Best Gospel Singer and TV host of “It’s Gospel Time.” They will be cooking corn and cheese pap with chicken feet and mouth-watering nutty chocolate ice cream. Click here for the recipe.

Episode 9: Garlic Mayo, Spatchcock Chicken, Rice & Trifle

Tonight Siba cooks with Miss South Africa 2010 and Miss World Africa 2011, Bokang Montjane. Together they are cooking Spatchcock chicken and savoury rice with self-made mayonnaise. For dessert Swiss roll trifle is on the menu with custard and cream, almonds and berries. Tune in! For recipe details, click here.

Episode 8: Mini – Pizza, Cannelloni With Rice Filling, Banana Bread Sauce

Siba cooks with Howza Mosese. He is a songwriter, actor and entertainer. Together they make mini-pizzas, cannelloni with mince filling and banana bread with a sticky sauce. Watch and learn! For the recipe, click here.

Episode 7 : Butternut Salad, Seafood Risotto,Peppermint Crip Tard

Tonight Siba meets actress Faye Peters, The Wild’s feisty chef-in-residence. As they make butternut salad, baked seafood risotto and peppermint crisp tart, we can’t help but wonder who’ll be the best chef in town? Watch and see! Click here for the recipe.

Episode 6: Calamari Cubes, Spanish Chicken Parcels, Raspberry Tarlets

Fabulous fashion is on the menu this evening with Siba cooking for designer David TIale. They will be whipping up a culinary frenzy with stuffed calamari cubes, Spanish chicken parcels and mini raspberry tartlets – a menu fit for any king or queen… Don’t miss out on the fabulous feast. Click here for the recipe.

Episode 5: Salmon Fishcakes, Lamb Chops, Chocolate Cups

Siba cooks for AL ACCESS MZANSI presenter and all-round hunk Jason Greer. Salmon fishcakes, lamb chops and chocolate cups with almond biscotti. What more can a guy ask for? Delicious! And we’re not only talking about the food…. Click here to see the recipe of the chocolate cups.

Episode 4: Stuffed Mushrooms, Roast Duck, Black Forest Cakes

The ever stylish and charming DJ Sbu is in the kitchen this evening and Siba is cooking up some delectable dishes. Mini black forest cakes take your fancy? Tune in to da coolest kitchen in town tonight! Click here for recipe details.

Episode 3: Hummus. Paratha Bread, Laska Soup, Tiramisu

Tonight Siba cooks with and magazine legend Dorah Sitole. Together they make a mean starter of hummus with paratha bread, Laska soup and mouth-watering triramisu – and talk food and love stories! Wondering what laska soup is? Click here to see the recipe.

Episode 2:  LIoyd Cele (Idols)

IDOLS runner-up LIoyd Cele is in the house! Is in the kitchen to be more specific… and Siba is teaching the star some important culinary lessons. LIoyd Cele is from Durban and of course there will be some spices, curries and interesting flavours all around. Click here for recipe details.

Episode 1: Salmon, Thai Green Vegetable Curry, Banana Muffins

The new season kicks off with one of South Africa’s most favourite designers, actors, and socialites: Stoned Cherrie’s Nkhensani Nkosi as Siba’s guest. It’s salmon, salads and sweets – but with Siba’s signature twists! Find all the recipes of episode 1! Click here for the recipe.

For all of Siba’s recipes, check out our previous recipe page


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20 Responses to “Cooking with Siba”

  1. Naa says:

    I just watched your cooking programme and the guest that appeared made a statement that Jollof was originally from Ghana which is very true, but to add that now South African’s cooks it better than the Ghanaians that is a very very big lie. The dish still remains very well cooked with the Ghanaian community.

    • amanda says:

      nope jollof rice is from nigeria too u know….its an everyday dish there.

    • Jarlath says:

      I wish you would provide subtitles. It is hard to keep with the dialogue. The programme is very enjoyable otherwise

  2. Jenny says:

    Of course no other African country cooks jollof rice better than Naija.

  3. Margaret says:

    Hi, Just being reading some of the comments about jollof rice. Its amazing how we africans dont know much of our history. Jollof rice was originally from the Jollof tribe in Senegal also called Wolof hence the name. I am also a Ghanaian and I must admit the ghanaian jollof rice is far mor delicious than the nigerian jollof. It in incomparable to the nigerian jollof actually.

  4. Maria says:

    I love cooking with Siba,she is fantastic and food looks delicious.I am not African and I will try her recipes.Well done Siba @ Africa channel,what a discovery.Keep up good work, one of your fans from Serbia.

  5. ijeoma says:

    Naa,she said Nigerians not south Africans.

  6. Aidan Tagg says:

    I watch many cooking programs. Cooking with Siba is refreshing and entertaining. It’s good to see Africa bringing its flavours to the world.
    Siba should be doing some books. I’d buy it – Kindle or hardback.
    Aidan, Kidderminster, UK.

  7. Ritchard Mckie says:

    What a great cooking show with a lovely presenter. I miss the people of South Africa so much having lived there for 2 years. I also miss the delicious food. It just tastes so much more of flavour and an african twist on any dish just makes it so much better.

  8. Pam says:

    Started watching Cooking with Siba recently and l love the variety of receipts and the fact that she cooks everything from scratch. Keep up the good work and your personality on TV shines out the happy smiles and easy going way she cooks.Please write some receive books would definitely buy.

    Pam U.K

  9. Pam says:

    Spelling mistakes meant to say “recipe”

  10. collins says:

    Started watching Cooking with Siba about three weeks and my most love dish was the Lamb curry, Siba keep up the good work and showing the World Africa has got the real food. Please send me the recepe thanks thanks
    from UK.

  11. collins says:

    waooooooo guys wots up when has Ghana came to compare food with Naija come on everyone i have been to Ghana. soon they will say Ghana food taste better Siba’s food, Siba no one can compete with you keep up the good cookings.

  12. nosisi says:

    Hey Sibahle I watched your programme with Sis Ribs oh my my she entertained me so much. That made me to come to the website to check on more recipes. Keep it up ntwazana so proud of you. Ndatsho ndabawela amanqina enkukhu ngoku none in the uk

  13. Sonuo says:

    Hi Siba, I love your show. :) Sonuo, South Wales.

  14. Busi Radebe says:

    Siba! Please post the Brianne recipe. I hate cooking, but that recipe will make a nice change to my diet. It looks very easy an quick. Thanks

  15. linda says:

    Looking for your recipe in picnic episode for strawberry almond and coconut slices please

  16. Lorraine says:

    I saw your smokey braai with paprika and a marinade with sweet soya sauce – please can I have the recipe for that marinade – it looked like magic.

  17. Lee-anndra says:

    I love watching your show
    please send me your shortbread recipe

  18. Enid says:

    Just to clarify the origins of Jollof Rice as I also heard Kendra’s comments. Jollof Rice originated from the Wollof tribe in Senegal & The Gambia. Jollof being one of the states of the Wollof Empire. It’s also called Benechin. There are many variations of Jollof rice since it’s popularity and spread throughout West Africa.

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