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 Love, sex and relationships in Johannesburg.

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The central space for our drama series is a hair-dressing salon on Jan Smuts avenue, run by single mother Noma. Here, we meet her and her three college friends –Amira, Danny and Nox. From different worlds, they met while studying PR and Marketing at a college in Johannesburg. Although they have gone their different ways, and are now in their thirties, the friends still have a strong bond.

Noxis unhappily married to a wealthy philanderer. With two young children, private school fees, a BMW and a townhouse in Sandton, she feels trapped in her marriage – frightened to leave it and frightened to be in it too. Danny is single and ambitious with a reasonable job in a PR. She hides her loneliness behind work and clothes. Amira is trying to be a singer and deeply enmeshed in a world of too much alcohol, too many drugs and far too many men for her own safety. Essentially, they all want the same thing. Love. Lots of it. Deep and fulfilling love.

How they get it, or not, is the subject of this drama series 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls.

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13 Responses to “4 Play: Sex Tips for Girls”

  1. Leru says:

    love this so much, cant get enough of it. the writer knows her story and he or she tells it well and i def bet its a she :)

  2. lindy uk says:

    i love this show too… it is soo close to reality and so current!! well done guys and keep the show going.

  3. Fujie says:

    This is the best show from SA that I watch religiously from Africa here in the UK. I love it to bits. Keep up the good work. Far much better than those Naija movies.

  4. Kate says:

    I just can’t get enough of this serial, it is brilliant so true to real life..Girls keep up the great work.

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  5. Minky says:

    Thanks for the compliments and support. Delighted you’re all enjoying the show. And you’re right – women writers and women directors. We know these stories because we’ve lived them! A new (3rd) series has just been finished and will broadcast in SA this year. Keep watching.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Minky – can you keep us informed of date/time when the 3rd series will be televised in the UK – if possible on this page? I continually keep track of what comments have been posted on the page. My friends have also started wathcing the repeat episodes. Can’t wait for the next episodes. Thanks

  6. Bee says:

    Hi there, I am also soooo in love with this show. I am a bit upset i missed last week’s episodes, was hoping to catch up on it online…but it seems no chance?? :(

  7. Minky says:

    Hi Kate – sorry but at this point I can’t say when season 3 will broadcast in the UK. It premieres locally on Tuesday 1st May and will run for 13 episodes. My best suggestion is to keep a close watch out on the TV guides. So glad you and your friends like the show. Definitely one to watch with your girls!

  8. Tee says:

    Wow Sex in the city meet joburge!! Thank you Africa channel!!!! I’m from England and I simply can’t get enough of this show!! It would be an absolute smash on a British TV for all creeds!! At least I can relate to this one! :-) from, the Jamaican in British!! X

  9. Erika says:

    I love it so much!! I’ve only just discovered it so I’ve missed quite a bit of the previous shows :( so disappointed! Hope I can catch the earlier shows somewhere.
    I’m a half Slovakian-half Hungarian chick living in London and I find that no matter what background you are from, what colour, each culture has its traditions and expectations that women need to face and fight for their freedom, life and position. I can totally identify with the stories and learn something new!! Love it!!

  10. claurdet says:

    Just finished watching back to back episodes of show, and thoroughly was addicted to it. It was excellent, enjoyed and laughed. Well done, can’t wait for September 3rd.

  11. Aidan says:

    Oh my I can’t get enough of this programme. Just started watching it tonight and I am hooked. Can’t wait to watch more! Keep it going!

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